Office address: Bjørnebo, Hoffsveien 65 A, 0377 Oslo

Please send orders per e-mail to address post@aseke.no.
Orders should contain the item numbers acc to our catalog

  • Deviations from these general terms must be agreed in writing 
  • Payment term: According to agreement 
  • Delivery term: FCA Moss ('Free Carrier' at our central warehouse). 
  • Interest rate: 9,5% p.a. 
  • Orders with net value less than NOK 2.500 ex VAT, will be charged with a handling fee of NOK 250 per order. 
  • We do not take on any responsibilty for eventual delivery of the wrong items if ordered only per phone 
  • Our order confirmation does not guarantee the delivery time, but indicates the expected time of delivery acc to our confirmed delivery term. 
  • We keep the right of lien till supplied goods are fully paid incl all costs, acc to Liens Act § 3-14 till 3-22 
  • In matters of claims we are not responsible for amounts exceeding the value of the supplied goods acc to our commercial invoice. 
  • We claim the right to call on Force Majeure by delay of deliveries of domestic and international deliveries. 
  • Claims must be presented within 10 days after arrival of the goods. 
  • Claimed goods must not be returned at our cost without our prior consent. 
  • The transporting co. of claimed goods and goods to be returned, shall be chosen by aseke
  • The cost for delivered, but not cancelled orders/back orders must be paid by the customer. 
  • Back orders will automatically be shipped out upon arrival of new goods to our central warehouse provided the back order has not in advance been cancelled in writing by the customer in advance. 
  • Part orders and rest orders will be supplied on FCA (free carrier) at our central warehouse.
  • Orders where pallets are supplied without return pallets being exchanged, will be charged at NOK 70 per pallet.


NB! We reserve the right to change prices, technical specifications and terms of
this catalog without prior notice.

NB! in the event of major currency fluctuations, we reserve the right to include a currency supplement which will then appear in our order confirmations.

Our updated product catalog will always be accessable on www.aseke.no