New galvanization line at our chain factory

During the spring of 2019 we have built a complete new galvanization line at our chain factory. All production of galvanized chains will now origin from the new galvanisation technology; ‘continuous hot galvanizing’.

The traditional process of dipping a bundle of chains into a zink bath will result in a thick zink layer, but usually gives a variation of zink thickness and that unwanted drops of zink can attach to the chains.

The theoretically endless lengths of chains are mechanically drawn through a hot zink bath In our new galvanisation work shop, resulting in a totally smooth and even layer of zink on the chains, but still with the same thicknes of zink and avoiding the drops of zink on the chains.

Even the breaking strength of the chain improves by this new galvanisation method. A considerable innovation from our production!

Oct 6, 2019