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as Einar Kunsts etf (aseke.no) is linked to the Onix Work (Equipment Portal) for certificates, control reports and declarations of conformity.

Onix Express enabels our customers to collect certificates from an online archive system. Once your company has gained access, you can log in as a customer of aseke and download documents free of charge for the purchased products – 24/7. 

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Credit information

Our warehouse is certified to ISO-9001.
The chains factory where we are co-owners, is certified to ISO-9001.

aseke’s products developed for marine environments is product certified according to NS 9415:2009 with product certificate PR030.

NS 9415:2009 aseke User Manual

PS030V Product List aseke

SV 297 AS Einar Kunsts Eft


Member of:
Norsk Industri (The Federation of Norwegian Industries)
Norwegian Industry – Fish Farming Suppliers